About Me

I was born and raised in the Teton Valley area. I have had a love for real estate, especially farm and ranch properties since I  was born and raised on a farm. This is why I have always stayed here in Southeast Idaho. I love to do anything that involves the fresh Idaho air like: hunting, fishing, snow-machining, motor-biking, horseback riding and camping or doing anything where I can spend time with my family. I would like to thank all the clients/customers I have worked with over the last few decades while helping some find their dreams and others sell their profitable investments. I prides myself on a hard work ethic, honesty and my great team at CountryWide Properties. I practice what I preach and buy and sell a lot of my own real estate for investments. I would like to invite anyone who has a love for real estate to give me a call so I can assist you in fulfilling your dreams.

My wife Alana and I were both raised in this area. I have two older girls and we have three small boys together.  We have religious backgrounds with strong family values.  Whether we are riding our horses in the mountains, roping in our arena, riding the 4-wheelers, snow machining, fishing, playing or working the elk, we love spending time together and enjoying the beautiful country we live in.   The ethics and hard work of the west prevail in our family and at the Ranch.  I have enjoyed hunting since before I was old enough to hunt and as a kid I loved listening to my dad’s hunting stories.  Horses and elk have always been my favorite animals.  When they bugle they’ll make the hair on the back of your neck stand up and make your blood pump so hard you feel like a different person.  Finding a really good bull is becoming more of a rare thing these days.  I wanted to ensure that my boys would also have an opportunity to experience that thrill of the hunt someday.  I felt that with an elk ranch I could provide them and many others a great opportunity to get that bull of a lifetime.  So in 2007 after 3 years of prep work and building our outstanding lodge, we started Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch – a Premiere Trophy Elk Hunting Ranch here in South East Idaho.   Vaulted ceilings, grand views, wrap around decks and relaxing accommodations, combine to create a unique experience while you hunt.  I’ve spent my life chasing that illusive monster bull with both my bow and my rifle and I’m so excited to help you get yours.  
Jeff Lerwill


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